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Muslim marriage celebrant - Mustafa Arja

My name is Mustafa Arja, an Authorised Islamic, Civil Marriage Celebrant & JP. I am a student of knowledge in comparative religions and Alhamdullah I have had Muslim/Christian Dialogues, available on YouTube.
Alhamdullah Allah has blessed me with the ability to Deliver Friday sermons, Islamic Lectures around various mosques and universities in Sydney.
I have an office in Punchbowl, NSW and I will be happy to conduct the marriage ceremony in my office, come to your house or reception Hall. I am willing to travel outside of Sydney or long distance to perform your marriage ceremony.
I offer a choice of Ceremonies to suit your needs: an Islamic marriage ceremony only, both Islamic and Civil marriage ceremony or Civil marriage ceremony only.
I am able to conduct the marriage ceremony in both fluent English and in Arabic and my fees are fairly reasonable.
Call on 0405664402 or email me

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loobna:2011-11-22 23:33:07
I highly recommend Mustafa Arja as marriage celebrant because he performed our marriage ceremony and we found him to very proffesional and his rates were fairly reasonable.
loobna:2011-11-22 23:33:07
If your looking for a good marriage celebrant I recommend you get Mustafa Arja because we found him the way he conducted our marriage ceremony was excellent and he would not only look after all the paperwork for us but he would also explain everything to us.
loobna:2014-10-16 21:47:58
I highly recommend Brother Mustafa Arja as your marriage Celebrant

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