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Al Hikma College

Al Hikma College is an independent school currently enrolling students from kindergarten to grade two for the 2012 school year. Students will receive individual attention by virtue of a small school ... Read more

Al Zahra Islamic School

Al Zahra Islamic School ... Read more

Al-Noori Muslim Primary School

Alnoori Muslim School, also known as Al-Noori Muslim Primary School   Email : admin@alnoori.nsw.edu.au ... Read more

An-Nahaayan Islamic School

An-Nahaayan Islamic School ... Read more

Arkana College

Arkana College ... Read more

Green Valley Islamic College?

Green Valley Islamic College? ... Read more

King Abdul Aziz Primary School

King Abdul Aziz Primary School ... Read more

Malek Fahd Islamic Schoo

Malek Fahd Islamic Schoo ... Read more

Noor al-Houda Islamic College

Noor al-Houda Islamic College ... Read more

Rissalah College www.rissalah.nsw.edu.au

Rissalah College www.rissalah.nsw.edu.au ... Read more

Suburban Islamic School

Suburban Islamic School ... Read more

Sule College

Sule College ... Read more