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Require assistance

Assalamu alaikum there's a brother named Salah who's in a coma and is receiving medical care in Malta but the medical bills have not been payed for the last 5 months and he is at risk of being sent back to Libya where there's no medical facilities for him. His brother is here in Australia and is trying to raise money to pay for the medical bills. If there is anyone who would like to donate their Zakat on their wealth to Salah or make any donations it will be very appreciated. The prophet said that charity does not decrease your wealth but rather increases the blessings Muslim (2588) so this is a great opportunity. Donations can be done through GOFUNDME
Please tap to donate- https://www.gofundme.com/2c8q98hw
All of Salah's medical bills and reports can be found on the GOFUNDME page as well.
Donations can also be made through BANK TRANSFER
ANZ Bank
Account name:
Salah's Medical Acc
BSB: 014-279
Account number: 4609-46251
Rf: Donations for Salah
*Please share with all the brothers in your family and on your Facebook page and all your groups on FB and any WhatsApp groups ect that you are in....Jazakumallah khair

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